Friday, March 28, 2014

My homemade aquaponics system

A while back a couple of coworkers were excited about a hydroponics system they purchased. This peaked my interest however I wasn't going to roll out $500+ to get a water tower so I decided to do some research. I decided I wanted to do a aquaponic system which adds fish to the mix and produces natural fertilizer. I mentioned that my dad watered his plants from a koi pond that we always had and always had great success. You can read that post here: Where my roots come from.

Here's a video I did of my first try on creating my own aquaponic system at home on our enclosed patio.

I put this system together last year, around June 2012. It took a lot of time to go through many videos on how others created their systems and the challenging part was probably the siphoning part of the system. The video ends somewhat abruptly but it takes so much space to upload you get the main parts of the system so don't worry you didn't miss anything.

The black containers were purchased at Costco for $8 and I highly recommend these types of hard plastic to hold the weight of the water cause it won't 'bow' out as it does in other videos I've seen. You can also get these same containers at Home Depot they should be under $10. My mistake as it was a trial and error in figuring out the pvc tubing and connections was that I didn't document all the pieces and I would say the entire system with rocks, pvc, containers and the pump I got on ebay for less than $20 was over around $125 to $150. It was more than I expected to pay but it was less expensive then building a large system that some of the other videos were suggesting, or buying larger containers specially made for aquaponics. The main difference in the containers I used are that the sides are higher than what's needed but for my first project I think it's working okay. As you come back and visit my site you'll see I like to build things by watch I watch on youtube I've built a bunny condo and some self watering containers from buckets that I got from the dollar store - works great.

When I have more time I'll post the various steps that I took photos of but most of my time is going to my community garden project and doing container gardening using the Back to Eden Film gardening method to reduce the maintenance and water usage. Check back to this blog and I'll be posting more of my discoveries. Thanks for visiting.

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