Monday, March 31, 2014

Stop buying peat pellets and start your seeds in toilet paper rolls

If you're crafty you'll like this idea. If you're looking to recycle and are finding ways to save on gardening this is an excellent replacement for those little peat pellets. One of the great things about looking at other people's gardening blogs and videos is that you get great ideas you never thought about; or you thought about it but never knew how to do it. I usually watch several videos before trying something myself but when you come down to it, you just need to jump in. 

Seed starters made out of toilet paper or paper towel cardboard replaces expensive peat pellets. 
Save money, recycle and get free dirt/compost from your local landfill and it's all free! Even the foil container was something people usually throw away after using it or your can buy tin pans 2 for a dollar at the dollar store, they even have 8 pound bags of potting soil for a dollar at the Orlando Dollar Tree stores. In the photo above I'm growing three varieties of beets. This is my first time growing beets so I'll be posting more about this later. On the far right of the picture I have one row of organic tomatoes that are coming up nicely.

There are some people who don't fold the bottom like the video here shows, but I prefer folding the bottom and filling it with compost soil or potting soil, sift out the large pieces so the seeds have room to sprout and then I place a bunch of these little containers in a foil pan or plastic container as you see in the picture and fill with water so all the seed starters now have water from the bottom up and you won't disturb the seeds. Folding the bottom also allows me to pick the entire planter up and easier to transplant.

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