Friday, March 28, 2014

Where my roots come from

Mom and Dad were the green thumbs

My parents were always in our yard growing things when I was a kid and although mom is now gone and dad's living in a small apartment, I can still remember the fruits, vegetables, flowers and trees that their green thumbs would make greener and our table would be filled with.

That said, this apple did fall from the tree but it took longer to root. I never really learned why my parents did what they did for the plants we had but I know from experience how resourceful they were. They used water from the kitchen sink that only had water and dish soap go straight into our water taro patch back in Hawaii.

Japanese Koi Pond
They used to raise fish, mainly large Japanese koi. My dad was a mason and would build cement koi ponds (makes me think of the old sit-com 'the Beverly Hillbillys' where they called their swimming pool a 'cement pond' but I digress. Dad was and still is pretty good about thinking through the logistics of things and rigged the water pump for the fish to a garden hose and would water the plants with water and fish stuff which was great fertilizer. I don't remember him ever having a bag of fertilizer, it was all natural.

In this day when we're trying to use many of the methods our ancestors used for generations and renaming it as if it were something new, for example aquaponics is basically what my dad was doing as he also had plants above the pond - but he enjoyed the tranquility of watering his plants. I think for him after a long day or week of physically demanding work he was most quiet and content when he was out in the yard watering his plants, chewing on his cigar.

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  1. 'Fishy' water is definitely good for plants! Fish carcass is great for the garden too, of course.