Sunday, May 29, 2016

Aquaponics: Look how BIG my fish are!

See how our pond fish have grown from 20 cent, tiny feeder fish, to 8 to 10" super huge comets.

Check out the video how small they were when I 1st got them here:

Supplies / Materials Used:

Tetra Koi Vibrance food:

You can order the same 50 Gal - Rubbermaid Stock Tank here:

Originally I used 27 gallon tubs:

Amazon Prime - shipping is free - Free Trial here:

The submerged water pump (I burnt through 3 or 4 in a couple years), the model I'm using now seems best:

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This video shows how big our fish have grown since I made this aquaponics system as a test project. I use the water to not only fuel the system but as free fish fertilizer to water the other plants and the vegetable garden.


My dad made huge koi ponds and used the fish water to water his plants, never did I see him using any type of commercial fertilzer and he had the greenest Food Forest - even before that was a term!

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