Friday, May 20, 2016

Self-watering planters in Patio and Rainwater

It's been a while since I last updated my blog, and I thought I'd do more videos cause I didn't have to write and format etc. But then again, when I video, I need to edit, upload etc and that can take more time. I found some software that helps me be a bit more organized, get a system together and try to get many of the videos i shot in the past year online. This is quick as I didn't need to edit much but tried to test some of my new system/process.

I'll be posting more DIY of how I built my raised beds, the self-watering containers and the aquaponics system; we've been at this location for a year and may be moving again so I want to get some of this out before I need to shot more video of what happens when you need to "move" or break down these garden systems, oh and what will I do with my huge comet fish that are in my aquaponics system that were tiny test fish - we now affectionally call them 'jaws'.  Stay tuned!

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